Hall of Fame
Volunteer Members:
The Hall of Fame Committee will consist of five (5) members:
Current Congress President
two members every 3 years - nominated at the AGM
two members every 2 years – nominated at the AGM
After the initial first 2 years, there will annually be 2 new members to the Committee, and in accordance with the
Guidelines of at least 3 members from different Charters.

Current Hall of Fame Committee members:
Congress President and Committee Chairperson:  Rick Litman  (SASA) (2019) - 1 year
Joanie Miller (BCSA) (nominated in 2017) - 3 year
Chucky Boustead (VISA) (nominated in 2018) - 2 year
Charlene Lucus (SSA) (nominated in 2017) - 3 years
Sherri Clarke (SSA) (nominated in 2018) - 2 years
A Hall of Fame (HOF) nomination may be presented by a player, a Charter or the HOF Committee, in accordance with
the guidelines noted below.

The HOF Committee will:

1.  Consider, nominate and induct those players and/or builders from the Hosting Charter of that year's Canadian
Shuffleboard Championships, as long as the player/builder qualifies.

2.  Ask the Charter that the inductee is a member of to assist the HOF Committee with brochure content i.e. history,
picture(s), etc.

3.  Request the Canadian Shuffleboard Congress to purchase a banquet ticket for each of the inductees nominated who
will be in attendance at the Awards Banquet.

4.  Induct any individual who cannot attend the Canadians, or is deceased, at a ceremony at that year's Hospitality Night
(Monday). The induction(s) will also be mentioned at the Awards Banquet.


1.  Person must have a minimum of 2 - Provincial Championships and 2 - Canadian Championships

Provide particulars, including year, event and partners, if applicable
(i.e.: 1989 Mixed Doubles (Partner’s name(s))


1.  Person must have held offices/chairs at Provincial and/or National levels for a minimum of 10 years.  Provide details in

2.  Person must have promoted our sport extensively (i.e.: involvement in organizing, league play, tournaments, fund
raising, recruitment of new players, new sponsorships, expansion of new establishment of shuffleboard, media

Provide details in writing.


1.  Provide completed Induction Nomination form which includes a written testimony of his or her contributions.  This
Form must be signed by the Nominating Person as well as 11 other members of their Charter.

2.  Player and/or Builder must be in good standing with his or her Charter for a minimum of 10 years.  Confirmation to be
provided in writing by the current President of that Charter.

3.  Supply a minimum of 1 – 8x10 photo of inductee (video, DVD optional)

4.  Submit all requirements noted above to the C.S.C. Hall of Fame Committee six (6) months (April 1st) prior to the
annual C.S.C. Championships.

A decision will be made by the C.S.C. Hall of Fame Committee three (3) months (July 1st) prior to the annual C.S.C.
Championships and selected candidates will be honoured at that year’s Championships Banquet.

Any candidates not selected shall be kept on file for at least three (3) years and may be reconsidered by the H.O.F.
Committee at a later date.

The H.O.F. Committee will use as a guideline, maximum inductions of 5 players and 2 builders each year.

The H.O.F. Committee is to be a five (5) person Committee from at least 3 different Charters.

Induction into the C.S.C. Hall of Fame shall be final and forever with honour and without prejudice.
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